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Letter from Igor Yefimov (Andrei Moscovit)

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Igor Yefimov                                                                         


To: Mr. John Delane Williams

April 9, 2011

Dear Mr. Williams,
      Thank you for such detailed and positive review of my book Did Castro Kill Kennedy? placed in your blog on November 19, 2010. After 25 years I still strongly believe in my conclusions and am glad to see that some readers find them convincing. Also thank you for bringing to my attention the book Assassination Science: Experts Speak out on the Death of JFK. I certainly will try to obtain it or to get it from our library. But let me respond to some of your comments and objections.
      In the last lines you write that Cuban connection would be more believable if at least one team of snipers in Dealey Plaza had Cubans among them. From my point of view it would be real madness on Castro’s part to send his own assassins into the USA. If apprehended they certainly will lead the investigators to him with catastrophic consequences. And why bother when such good professionals are available for money?
      For me the main indicator of Castro’s guilt is the story with French journalist Jean Daniel (see pages 165, 303, 304). I don’t believe in coincidences. Castro had been avoiding contacts with Western free press for years. To admit that he violated this pattern of behavior exactly in the morning of  November 22nd and invited Daniel to his residence by pure chance would be too naïve. Trying to have an independent witness to his negative reaction to the assassination he betrayed himself demonstrating certain pre-knowledge of the events in Dallas.
      There are still many mysteries in this tragic story, and many theories are claiming validity. I am not going to get into discussion with authors developing “no-conspiracy” thesis. But to honest critics of Warren Commission Report I’ve been saying again and again: you all agree that Warren Commission deliberately mishandled the investigation; and only my theory gives an explanation to why they did it. Lyndon Johnson, Justice Warren, Robert Kennedy, John McCone—they all knew from the beginning who sent the assassins and why. And they considered it their duty to save American people from the possible nuclear war to which USA was so close just one year before.
      It is possible that after both Castros die the new information will pop up from Cuba. But that will not change the opinion of an average American. It would be too painful for him to admit that our beloved president was plotting to assassinate the leader of independent country, was caught, and publicly executed on the Dealey Plaza.
      You might be interested to know that my book also was translated and published in France, in 2006, under the title Comment Castro a tué Kennedy by Igor Efimov (my real name).
      With best wishes, sincerely, Igor Yefimov (Andrei Moscovit).

Published here with permission of the author 4/18/2011.

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