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Dr. Mary’s Monkey—Edward Haslam, an Insider’s Access: Part Two

Dr. Mary’s Monkey—Edward Haslam, an Insider’s Access
                                                                                 Part Two
                                                                         John Delane Williams

This New Orleans USPHS vaccination card (CE 818) for Lee Harvey Oswald is signed "Dr. A. J. Hideel."  Dr. A. J. Ochsner was Dr. Alton Ochsner's uncle and mentor.  A fake Selective Service card for "A.J. Hidell" (different sp.) was also found on Oswald when he was arrested in Dallas.  It was that card that linked Oswald to the mail-order rifle and revolver supposedly ordered by Oswald, although the post office box to which the rifle was supposedly delivered did not accept packages or mail for anyone named "Hidell" and no pick-up receipts were ever found for any such items.

 The Perfect Patsy
Lee Harvey Oswald was of little concern to Haslam’s research until he learned that the FBI went to the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans on 11/25/1963 & 11/26/1963, looking for evidence of either Lee Oswald or A.J. Hidell. [9] One intriguing bit of evidence relating to the accused assassin is the phonograph recording of the interview of Oswald by Ed Butler. The back cover has three persons pictured: Hale Boggs, later to be placed on the Warren Commission, Dr. Alton Ochsner, who the cover states, was “… perhaps the only listener who knew of Oswald’s defection before the debate, and Ed Butler. [10] It would have been interesting to inquire what (and how) Ochsner knew of the defection. Objectively, one would surely have expected Ochsner to have been called as a witness before the Warren Commission. On the very eve of the Warren Commission's taking unsolicited testimony and gathering depositions in New Orleans, Dr. Mary Sherman suffered her tragic murder. Recalling that Ochsner had a “special relationship” with a government agency (likely the CIA) his exclusion as a witness seems unremarkable.

 Haslam reasons that Oswald was sent to Russia as an American intelligence effort. When he came back three years later, his original sponsor (again, likely CIA) were no longer in place. His coming back had to be approved by one person, Bobby Kennedy. Were this so, Haslam posits three scenarios regarding Oswald’s repatriation: 1) The price for bringing Oswald back included spying on Marcello and the Mafia in New Orleans; 2) Hale Boggs interceded to get Oswald back, the proviso being that LHO work for Marcello on his return; 3) Both 1) & 2): Bobby knew that the pressure to bring Oswald back came from Marcello, so likely Bobby asked Oswald to be a double agent. When his being a double agent was discovered, Oswald became the perfect patsy.

Implicit in Haslam’s writing is the possibility that the linear accelerator may have mutated a virus into the human AIDS virus. He never stated that as a conclusion, but it underlies both of his books. One detail left out of his newer book relates to a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1988. [11] It reported of a 15 year old male who died of an unknown cause in 1969 after a 16 month clinical course; the symptoms, in retrospect, seemed highly related to AIDS. A sample of the boy’s blood was frozen for later analysis. It was determined from the analysis of the blood that he had died of AIDS. At the time, AIDS was thought to have originated around 1980. The analysis of this young boy’s blood definitely places the beginnings of AIDs in the 1960s if not earlier. Haslam suspects this may be the person he heard about when the high school student blurted out in class about a sick boy whose immune system had collapsed.

Haslam muses about Ferrie having access to mice with fast acting cancer cells, upon the death of Mary Sherman. Ferrie must have had some inkling of the value of this biological weapon; additionally, he worked for Marcello. This is not proof that the cancer agent had been developed/refined by Dr. Ochsner’s group was the AIDs virus, but that hypothesis could be entertained. The idea that this biological weapon was in the hands of David Ferrie does make one shudder. Were the United States to be held responsible for the spread of the AIDS virus, the cost of that responsibility would be enormous, both in terms of money and human lives.

Activities in New Orleans that would eventuate in the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy could be traced to a period long before JFK entered politics and continued (or continues) for some time after his death. The treatment of Alton Ochner by Huey Long, pushing Ochsner into the clutches of the right wing, [12] combined with the death of one grandchild from the polio vaccine, and the second, being infected by polio from the polio vaccine to Ochsner’s being involved with clandestine medical research involving the linear accelerator, to the death of Dr. Mary Sherman, leaving a deadly virus in the hands of David Ferrie, can be seen as related to the assassination of President Kennedy.

The government saw fit to interfere with Jim Garrison’s case against Clay Shaw. One could conjecture that much more than the JFK assassination was being covered up. Solving the JFK assassination may cause the other cover-ups to unravel. Haslam has written a very provocative
book that deserves consideration by researcher’s trying to unravel the JFK assassination.


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  1. John, I just bought the book at a store in the French Qt. a week ago Sun. when I arrived in N.O. One thing to consider as to the approval of LHO's return would be that the INS man in charge of the defections, Mr. Levine, here in the TC says he turned LHO's request to return to the US 3 times & the 4th he & his bosses at INS were overruled by the US State Dept. It could still have been related to RFK/Marcello but may have been even more involved with foreign policy issues.